Estate Planning
A comprehensive estate plan names who is to parent your children if you die before they turn 18, protects your dignity and independence during any infirmity, and determines who is to inherit your assets, and when.
Elder Law and Medicaid / VA
Our retired clients tell us they do not want to be a financial burden to their children. But with two thirds of seniors expected to need long term care – and Arkansas nursing home costs exceeding $5,000 a month – actually achieving this goal often requires planning. We can help you qualify for both the VA Pension (tax free income) and Medicaid.
Probate & Estate Administration
Soon after a person dies his or her Will should be probated, or estate administered, through a court process in order to pass clear title to the deceased’s assets. We can relieve you of the bewilderment, stress and tedium.
Real Estate
Whether you’re contemplating the purchase or sale of real estate, obtaining financing secured by real estate, or leasing a store or office, an attorney with extensive experience in this field is an essential partner to help you avoid pitfalls and protect your interests.
​Although the marriage of our LGBTQ clients is now recognized across the U.S., discrimination persists when it comes to their families, workplace and housing. At times, the law is on your side.

Plan Today For a Better Tomorrow

You’ve work hard to set aside something to leave to your loved ones or the causes that are most important to you. Protecting your legacy is where we can help.

A proper estate plan ensures that during any period you are mentally incapacitated, one or more people selected by you will have the authority to manage your assets and to make health care decisions for you.  And it allows you to provide for your loved ones following your death.

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy.  Everyone age 18 or older needs to have a power of attorney, health care power of attorney, HIPAA authorization and living will.  And anyone who owns a home or other real estate, is married or has a child needs to have either a will or a trust.  Your estate is worth protecting regardless of its monetary value.  What you have is important to you; chances are good that it will be important to loved ones.

An estate plan should be reviewed after a marriage, divorce, birth, death or other significant event, whether in your life or in the life of someone you named in your plan.  You may also wish to sign a prenuptial agreement before you marry; that’s the best way to protect your assets.

If you receive a diagnosis of dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS or another condition that makes you worry about impoverishing your family with long term care expenses, let us alleviate that concern.  We can help you protect assets and gain eligibility for Medicaid or VA pension benefits.  You will have more options if you call us soon after your diagnosis but we will be pleased to assist you at any time.

We want to help with all of your estate planning needs.  We are also here to help after the death of a loved one – when you need to probate a will or otherwise distribute good title to a deceased person’s assets.  Please request a consultation so we can schedule a time to meet you and learn your needs.

For the creation of a comprehensive new estate plan , an initial consultation up to 1 hour is free during regular business hours if you bring a fully and legibly completed questionnaire (with requested documents) and all decision makers attend (husband and wife if married); at the conclusion of that meeting we can typically quote a flat fee to create your estate plan.  For long term care planning, including Medicaid and VA pension, we charge $370 per hour; an initial consultation typically takes about 2 hours.  We charge by the hour for an initial consultation in connection with a review of an existing estate plan, real estate matters, premarital agreements and other work, or for meetings outside our regular business hours or when a complete questionnaire is not delivered.  Unless a flat fee is quoted, we charge by the hour for our work.

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